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UK Perspectives 2016: Personal and household finances in the UK

There are many different factors that affect our standard of living but a key aspect is our financial situation, in particular levels of personal and household income, wealth and spending. This article is part of a series of UK Perspectives providing an overview of the social and economic changes of the nation over the last […]

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How do childhood circumstances affect your chances of poverty as an adult?

Childhood circumstances have an important effect on a person’s future income prospects, analysis from ONS has shown. The analysis suggests that people in the UK who have a low personal education level are nearly five times more likely to be poor in adulthood than those with high personal education levels, once other factors are accounted […]

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Dementia/Alzheimer’s and respiratory disease behind biggest annual increase in deaths since the 1960s

Deaths from dementia or Alzheimer’s and respiratory disease, including flu and pneumonia, were key factors behind the largest annual rise in deaths since the 1960s. Provisional analysis of death registrations in England and Wales show a 5.6% increase in deaths in 2015; the biggest year-on-year percentage increase seen since 1967-68, when deaths were up by […]

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