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Shrinkflation and the changing cost of chocolate

No, you’re not imagining it – some of your favourite sweets really are shrinking. In November 2016, Toblerone chocolate bars reduced in size by about 10%, provoking outrage online. And Maltesers, M&Ms and Minstrels have gone the same way. It’s a phenomenon known as “shrinkflation” – where manufacturers reduce the package size of household goods […]

Migration, the European Union and work: How much do you really know?

Migrants are a significant part of the UK workforce: doctors in Accident and Emergency units, colleagues in offices, the staff serving food in restaurants, workers building roads, someone’s boss, someone’s team leader.  Of the estimated 30.3 million people in employment in the UK, 11%, approximately 3.4 million, are migrants. EUROPEAN UNION GROUPS EU14: Austria, Belgium, […]

What impact could lowering the UK voting age to 16 have on the shape of the electorate?

The 15th of July marks the birthday of feminist activist Emmeline Pankhurst, born 159 years ago in Manchester, who spearheaded the suffragette movement. Her ultimately successful fight for women’s voting rights remains one of the most important milestones in changes to the laws governing the electorate in the UK over the last 185 years.