Dashboard: Understanding the UK economy

ONS produces a wide range of economic statistics, which will increasingly contain data periods which fall after the UK vote on EU membership that was held on 23 June.

We have compiled this dashboard to aid understanding of the post-referendum economy.

The commentary and trends to consider information is not a forecast or prediction of whether the statistics will show any discernible effects of the EU referendum result but are to help comprehension of how these data are potentially impacted by the international and domestic economic environment as we move forward in time.

Economic commentary: February 2017

Commenting on today’s GDP figures, ONS Head of GDP Darren Morgan said:

“The economy grew slightly more in the last three months of 2016 than previously thought, mainly due to a stronger performance from manufacturing.

“Overall, the dominant services sector continued to grow steadily, due in part to continued growth in consumer spending, although retail showed some signs of weakness in the last couple of months of 2016, which has continued into January 2017.”

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