Five facts about… housing

The steady rise in the cost of buying a home shows no sign of abating, as ONS figures reveal that average house prices have risen by 8.7% in the year to June 2016.

But house prices are just one part of the story; here are five facts about housing in the UK, from renting to the number of homes being built.

1. The average UK house price was £214,000 in June 2016


This average price is £24,000 above its pre-economic downturn peak of £190,000 in September 2007.
Average UK house price, January 2005 to June 2016

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2. The percentage of 25 to 29 year olds owning their home decreased from 55% in 1996 to 29% in 2015


The percentage of 30 to 34 year olds owning their home decreased from 68% to 45%, between 1996 and 2015.

Percentage of 25 to 34 year old householders owning or renting, UK, 1996 to 2015

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3. All the countries that constitute Great Britain have experienced rises in their private rental prices since 2011


Since January 2011 England rental prices have increased more than those of Wales and Scotland.

IHHRP indices for Great Britain and its constituent countries, January 2011 to June 2016

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4. In 1995 the cheapest small area in England and Wales to buy a property was in the Alexandra Park area of Manchester


The average (median) price of £9,000. In 2015, the cheapest area was in the Pendle district of Lancashire, at £30,000.

Middle layer super output areas (MSOAs) by median price band, 1995 to 2015, England and Wales

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5. The overall level of house building in the UK has declined since 1980, with 152, 380 houses built in the financial year ending 2015


This represents a fall of nearly 40% from the 251,820 built in the financial year ending 1980. New data for 2015/2016 from England and Northern Ireland suggests that the recent increase in UK house building is continuing.

Permanent dwellings completed, by tenure, UK, financial year ending 1980 to financial year ending 2015

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